Several phrases from early in The Messiah continue to resonate: ”prepare ye the way of the Lord;” “make straight. . .a highway for our God;” “….and He will purify.”

When guests are expected, we make elaborate preparations and attempt to straighten every corner. Unfortunately, however, we are not spiritually able to straighten the crooked paths in our lives in preparation for a personal visit from God. This inability is inherent in God’s plan. If we could straighten our crookedness, we would declare ourselves all right and see no need to seek special action of the Lord.

Only a straight and flawless path is proper preparation for the coming of God. And only He is able to make straight what needs to be straightened and purify what must be made pure before His arrival.

From The Messiah again: “He shall purify the sons of Levi. . . . that they may give an offering in righteousness.” God’s purification of us, as all “sons” of the divine priesthood, enables us to offer ourselves, the totality of our personality, newly sanctified, as a righteous offering to the Lord, the most perfect offering we can give—and all He ever wants.

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