The five senses are perhaps adequate for perceiving our external physical world but too limiting when it comes to experiencing God. Long has man recognized a sixth sense, a possibility of perception quite apart from the other five, yet often even more valid. A tingling in the brain, a notion from an unidentifiable source, a bulb of an idea bursting into consciousness, or something even more difficult to describe. These are the knowings that give us something the other five cannot produce. And yet when linked with hearing, seeing, etc., this numinous sixth sense can permeate and transform them all into sacral vessels of appropriating the grace of God.

(Note: The sixth sense became magnified into conscious awareness as a result of an interview with my Inner Wisdom, the story of which is included in the book, Humpty Dumpty Hatched: A Personal Transformation, available on this website.)


  1. Hi Ann. Thanks for following me on I appreciate it. Your book sounds like it could be a really enjoyable, life-changing experience. When I’m feeling less overwhelmed with my creative projects, I will try to make time to ride it.

    Also, you should check out the free content at This is the first chapter from the eBook my alter ego, the Dr. of “Bad”-ology, wrote: “The ‘Bad’ Path to Enlightenment: Learn from W.W. How NOT to Experience Nirvana”

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