Childhood, Adulthood, Godhood

The natural human progression goes from childhood to adulthood. But to fulfill our journey in this life a third phenomenon awaits us. A spiritual dimension. A realization of our godhood—that we are more than flesh and blood mortals. We are both human and divine. We carry within us the ability to become mature adult human beings. And we carry within us the ability to experience our innate holiness.

Full humanity necessitates will, self-discipline, openness to change, and a host of other attributes. The experience of our godhood requires desire. Desire coupled with an agreement to cooperate with the process of becoming divinized.

Just as we must give up some childish ways to become adults, so we must let go of some adultish control mechanisms in order to realize our godhood. Our conscious will needs to know that something beyond its power can give it an experience of the sacredness of the entire personality. Only then is the will able to give up control and give in to the power of the Inner Wisdom which can provide this third dimension.

(An example of the power of the Inner Wisdom and the transformation of personality that it can effect is available on this website in the book Humpty Dumpty Hatched.)

31 May 2015