To dote on the grandeur of the gift of each new day;
To embrace the mystery of myself and
all the unknown I will encounter and respond to;
To walk barefoot to my slippers upon arising
and wonder where my feet might take me;
To smile with joy at knowing special gifts
will be bestowed on me throughout these daylight hours;
To breathe deeply of the new fresh air that
waits for my engagement;
To welcome food and drink that will
provide feasts great and small;
To have learned gentleness to myself in the
time spaces present in each hour;
To know that centeredness and silence are the
pivotals that claim commitment;
For these and the patience needed to plumb the depths of everything,
I thank Thee, Lord.

18 August 2014

Called to be Messiahs

messiah= anointed one, messenger, deliverer

Are we ready/willing to be an anointed one? A special messenger? One visited by the Holy Spirit? Not one filled with hubris but rather filled with compassion and patience?

The holiness within us—the soul that is the part of us that will never die—the godness in the center of our being—that holiness yearns to be experienced by the totality of our personality.

Our inner sacrality does not, however, and will not interfere with our free will which is also sacred—meaning that our free will is totally under our control. It will not be compromised, even by the Wisdom Energy of the universe.

The kind of messiahship offered to each of us does not include an outward coronation or temple dedication. Rather it is manifest in the invisible placing of holy oil and the knowledge imparted to us that we are chosen. That we are God’s only begotten in whom he is well pleased. And with whom he desires intimate relationship.

Only then do we realize we have a special message to deliver—the message that is the deliverer– and we realize what that message is.

29 April 2015