Seeing for Yourself

As soon as the angels left them the shepherds decided to go to Bethlehem and see for themselves what the angels told them.  They weren’t satisfied just to hear the angels’ story.  They wanted to witness this phenomenon. After all, the angels had given them direction to the place where they would find the miracle.  Why shouldn’t they go to find the newborn?  So they went.

They found.  They saw.  And they began to spread the word, to tell the story of what had happened to them.  And all who heard were amazed.  We’re not told whether the hearers believed.  But they all were amazed.

But did they believe?  Probably they wished they had been visited by the angels.  And had seen and heard the angels sing.  And had heard and seen for themselves the miracle. 

Is it possible for us to see and hear of God’s amazing miracle in us?

Yes indeed.

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