Ann Glover O’Dell has been writing seriously since 1982, considering herself a symbolist and ardent follower of psychoanalyst Carl Jung and mythologist Joseph Campbell.  In poetry, essays, meditations, and in public speaking she looks for ways to introduce individuals to the world of the conscious and unconscious using symbolism found in myth, scripture, literature, and fine art.  She is an experienced practitioner of contemplative prayer and student of dreams.

The blog, Hatching Humpty Dumpty, is an attempt to interest readers in the book, Humpty Dumpty Hatched: Transformation for Everyone, by giving short summaries of the various chapters and ideas.  The book is available here free of charge.

The poetry and meditations are all results of the transformative experience that brought the ideas and enabled the writing.

You are invited to communicate with the author at ago27@yahoo.com.





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