The Second Name

The angel tells Joseph to name the baby Jesus, “Jehovah is salvation.”  In an earlier era a prophet predicts a virgin will bear a son and the child will be called Emmanuel, “God with us.”

We can carry those two names as secret names we remember to remind ourselves to think about.  These two names together tell us much about God.  God is with us and also He is salvation.  Together these names tell us where God is and what He can provide for us.

In the disclosure of God’s nearness to us we cannot help but understand that God wants salvation for us.  Wants us to experience that nearness.  Wants us to experience the salvation present in that nearness.  Wants us to discover the essence and activity of the Holy Spirit.

Isn’t that something we want as well?

The Name

Jesus was named before he had been conceived (Luke 2:21).

Remember, Jesus was named twice before he was born: once by the angel who appeared to Mary and again by the angel appearing to Joseph in a dream.  Perhaps that is the secret name God has for each of us.

Perhaps we have been named in God’s heart of hearts, a name that begets other names, a name God hopes we’ll discover as we begin to live out our lives and begin to understand what a relationship with God might mean for us.

Perhaps in essence we have the same names as Jesus—peacemaker, compassionate counselor, messenger of God.  And God’s desire is that we discover those names and act on them.


Matthew 1:21 “you are to give him the name Jesus”

Joseph is told in the nativity story to name Mary’s son Jesus “because he will save his people from their sins.”  A look at the origin of the name Jesus gives us an even larger idea to consider.

Jesus is the Latin form of the Greek which is a transliteration of the Hebrew Jeshua which means “Jehovah is salvation.”  What a huge concept.

“Jehovah is salvation.”  More than any one individual performing an individual action.  More than a personal or communal belief system.  More than the performance of certain rituals proclaiming what we believe.

“God is salvation.God is the essence of all we need in order to experience our spirits made whole, the passageways to communication cleared and open.  To be with God becomes the goal, the necessity.  To be with God makes us who we were intended to be.