Our Name for God

We can use Jesus as our model in our relationship with God and ponder his use of  “Abba” when referring to his father.  God wants to be the same kind of parent to us as he was to Jesus.  He invites us to use whatever name to call him that will evoke for us what  “Abba” did for Jesus.

Our task is to find that name, invent that name that represents what we need God to be to us.  Then use that name in periods of quiet when we are open to experiencing God in greater depth.  We are to embrace that name as our secret with God.  We are to allow ourselves to grow into the deeper relationship that the name affords


To dote on the grandeur of the gift of each new day;
To embrace the mystery of myself and
all the unknown I will encounter and respond to;
To walk barefoot to my slippers upon arising
and wonder where my feet might take me;
To smile with joy at knowing special gifts
will be bestowed on me throughout these daylight hours;
To breathe deeply of the new fresh air that
waits for my engagement;
To welcome food and drink that will
provide feasts great and small;
To have learned gentleness to myself in the
time spaces present in each hour;
To know that centeredness and silence are the
pivotals that claim commitment;
For these and the patience needed to plumb the depths of everything,
I thank Thee, Lord.

18 August 2014