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Thank you for visiting my web site. You may write to me at ago27@yahoo.com.


This is the last post in the series of “Hatching Humpty Dumpty.” The posts need to be read chronologically, beginning with the first, dated March 2014. The posts follow the action and themes in my book, Humpty Dumpty Hatched: Transformation for Everyone. I hope they have sparked your interest in reading my book, which you will find here on my website and which may be downloaded free of charge.


Humpty Dumpty Hatched: Transformation for Everyone is the story of a personal miracle that can be accessed by anyone. The book contains insights into personality and wholeness as well.


The new series of postings featured here is named “Journal Notes: Inscaping.” It will contain essays on a variety of subjects. These journal notes will be added to each week. They will also be available in the page (left-hand side) entitled, “Journal.”


These meditations address addiction: the helpless despair of those whose lives are out of control. The themes encourage the engagement of the Inner Wisdom residing within each of us and its ability to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. (A meditation will be added weekly to this page.)


“Midwifing the Soul” is a collection of poetry that has come to me as I sit in silence with my writer friends. I give full credit to the Spirit for inspiring me. All I have done is work somewhat with meter and rhythm and vocabulary. (I plan to add a poem each week to this page.)


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