Children of the Father

To understand our identity all we need do is look at the Jesus narrative to the prayer he taught his disciples when they said they didn’t know how to pray. In fact, the first two words tell it all. “Our Father.” We are children of the kind of father with whom Jesus had an intimate relationship. Children with whom this father is as well pleased as He was with Jesus at the river baptism. Not well pleased with the ugly, greedy things we say and do. But pleased with the essence of who we are, because the essence of who we are is the essence of God, the essence of the great benevolent energy of the universe. The water baptism is a naming and a preamble to the baptism of the Holy Spirit who enables us to know our essence.

The voice of God speaking on the mountain top when the disciples saw a vision of Jesus along with Moses and Elijah applies to us and all God’s children as well. “This is my beloved. Listen to him” applies to us whenever we speak kindness and compassion. Whenever and wherever that happens, God not only wants others to listen to us. The reality is that others will listen to us. Whenever and wherever we exhibit fruits of the spirit—goodness, patience, gentleness, and joy—others will pay attention. And they will listen to what we say because there will be wisdom that comes from this fruit.

What gifts to wish for!—that we might know ourselves to be God’s beloved in whom He (and we) take great delight and further, that we observe ourselves producing fruit of the Holy Spirit for all who witness to partake of.

27 September 2015

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